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The Silver Mask Theatre

silver mask theatreCome and see our LIVING puppet show, rendered in Flash. The 'living' part refers to the fact that we actively encourage viewers to send in their requests for characters, plot development or simply to post an opinion on our Blog page.


>> Watch the Theatre here

Biodiesel Co-op

leafWe are establishing a Biodiesel plant in the Tiverton area, Devon, with shared premises on which Biodiesel can be made by members of the community at cost prices, possibly with staff on hand to help. If you want to get involved or have any advice for us, please talk to us.


>> Read about Tiverton Biodiesel here

Sustainable Lifestyle

local marketsThere is an impending global crisis resulting from fossil fuel dependency. If it has not already begun with the current global recession it will certainly be worsening over the coming decade. As a result, Silvermask is investigating a practical and sustainable lifestyle.


>> Read about Sustainable Living here